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Craigie Stockwell Carpets
Innovation and Quality

In 1755, my great, great, great, great grandfather, Samuel Stockwell, commenced his seven year apprenticeship to become a weaver of broadcloth in the County of Yorkshire. His son John, after whom I am named, followed him into the same trade of weaving and we still have the indentures to witness their apprenticeships.

Broadcloth weavers became the first weavers of carpets in the United Kingdom. All my ancestors were involved in some way or another in the world of carpets: my great-grandfather and my grandfather (another Samuel) founding SJ Stockwell & Co in the North of England. And then my father, Frank, bringing the business to London in the mid twentieth century where he established himself firstly in Fitzrovia and then in Mayfair in Grafton Street, just off Bond Street and very near to where the name Stockwell Carpets is now inscribed in the pavement as one of the donors towards the popular sculpture of Sir Winston Churchill and Franklin D. Roosevelt sitting on a bench at the junction of Old and New Bond Streets.

My father, Frank, was an innovator, introducing twist pile Wilton carpet, fashion colours and mothproofing to the industry in Great Britain, and he was even instrumental in introducing tackless gripper to Europe.

Personally, I have devoted my working life to the creation of the best hand made carpets and rugs made to special order. Thus, over the years, I have employed the very best hand made carpet designers to ensure that the quality of their draughtmanship is reflected in the finished product.

We have continued to innovate by being the first to produce regular design collections, to introduce fibre optic lighting to carpets for which we registered a world patent and by re-introducing contemporary interpretations of Savonnerie and Aubusson style carpets through our collections.

Craigie Stockwell have helped create trends within our industry and have introduced several modern design collections that work with minimalist and modern classical styles.

You will see examples of the quality of our work in the “Collections” and “Custom Design Service” pages featured on this website.

Craigie Stockwell draw our designs full size, as the master weavers did in the old Savonnerie factory when they made the fabulous carpets for the Royal Courts at Versailles and at the Louvre in Paris.

Over the last thirty years we have built up a very substantial library of design references, including many of our own creation, which we can draw on when we create a unique carpet just for you.

Everyone in our company from our designers to our installers are dedicated to giving the same amount of special attention to your project be it for a small, minimalist rug or a large complex traditional carpet for a mansion, superyacht or palace.

Our carpets can be made in any size, shape or colour (to harmonise with your individual scheme), and we offer them in hand tufted, hand knotted, tapestry (Aubusson style) or needlepoint qualities and textures.

John Stockwell
Headquarters (John Stockwell):

Craigie Stockwell Bespoke Carpets and Rugs
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United Kingdom

Tel.: +44-20-7224 8380
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Tel: +61-2-97980786

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Tel: +39-33- 602-9427

for Russia:

+44 7789 275889

Proprietors: J H Stockwell Limited
Registered in England Reg. No. 7828132