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Machine Woven Carpets

Machine Woven Carpets


Craigie Stockwell are often approached to supply luxurious bespoke woven carpets in Wilton and Axminster weaves and high spec pass tufted carpets for specialist projects where only the best carpets will do.

We have provided these carpets for many exclusive locations such as 10 and 11 Downing Street, and for rooms and private apartments in palaces, castles, superyachts and stately and luxury homes.

Freemasons Hall in London:  initially we were approached to provide hand-made carpets for all the rooms in this historic building in Great Queen Street in London, however, it was decided to use a high specification Axminster weave using an electronic Jacquard to create the rug shapes. 

Grand Lodge, Freemasons Hall, London.


Selfridges Men's shoes department


Below are some examples of our luxurious passmachine carpets which we can produce in any colour:

Zebra:  100% wool,cut-pile with toning stripe.

Admiral:  100% wool, cut-pile,shaggy.

Jubilee:  100% worsted wool, cut-pile.

Fedora:  50/50 worsted wool/silk cut-pile (stripe).

 Penelope:  wool/silk 50/50 blended spun yarn in cut-pile.



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