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Aubusson Style Rugs and Carpets 

Aubusson is a town in France which, over the centuries, has traditionally made hand made carpets and which were used by the Royal Courts in France to make carpets for the Royal palaces when the demand for these carpets exceeded the capacity of the specialist factories in and around Paris.

Tapestries were also produced in Aubusson and they eventually became the main focus of production which led to the word 'Aubusson' to become the generic term that represented both tapestry style carpets and the specialist design style associated with these carpets and rugs.

Some of the early Aubusson carpets were made in the strongest colours imaginable, but these colours have softened over the ages and we now appreciate them in the subtle shades that they have faded into.

The manufacturing process is slow as the carpets are produced using bobbins as a fine flatweave, often with many shades of colours. Free hanging strands of yarn appear on the back of the carpets: this is typical of an Aubusson weave.

Craigie Stockwell offer modern carpets made in the traditional Aubusson weave and they can be designed and coloured exclusively for your interior.

Old carpets can also be painstakingly copied and a large archive of designs is available for inspiration. 


We copied this beautiful 19th Century Aubusson carpet from the original owned by the National Trust. This is the hand painted artwork.




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