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Stair Carpets

Luxury Carpets By Craigie Stockwell For Stairs and Landings.

The best stair carpets are made by hand:  every step is tailored individually.

The stylish stair carpets and luxurious landing carpets illustrated here, are all made by hand, and always need to be handled by Craigie Stockwell's specialists, and must be measured and installed by Craigie Stockwell's experts.  Sometimes we make each step individually to ensure borders align properly and that the motifs match our artwork perfectly.  Contact us on 0044 20 7224 8380 for further information about our service for luxury staircases or email

Some examples of Craigie Stockwell bespoke stair carpets and landings appear below:

Wentworth Stairs 1

Wentworth Stairs 2

Wentworth Stairs 3
These carpets are for a very important prince from Saudi Arabia.
This is his mansion on the Wentworth estate.
The design lines up well and is based on an oriental carpet design adapted by Sharon Reid.

Paris Entrance Hall
This is for a royal mansion in Paris for an important prince from Qatar.
We also designed the wooden surround for the hall rug.

Silk highlights enhance this stair carpet on a spiral staircase in a luxury penthouse.  Note how the stripes match perfectly from one step to the next: bespoke tailoring!


This tailored stair and landing carpet has a border running around the edge in this classic interior in London's Mayfair.  Measuring has to be precise, often making templates to ensure a perfect fit.


The sweeping staircase is a main feature of the entrance in this recently built house in a modern classic syle on the Wentworth Estate. The stair carpet border has an acorn motif.


Empire style staircase in a country mansion.


This funky ornate design on this stair carpet follows round the walls of the landing like a trailing plant.


The entrance at the old Hyde Park Hotel in London.


These grand stair carpets used to enhance the entrance at the RAC Clubhouse in St. James, London's traditional clubland. We created new designs to close cover the area, which can be seen there today.


This design from Craigie Stockwell's "Buccaneer Collection" makes a very smart stair and landing carpet for this London Mansion in Holland Park.


Tilly Losch's footprints in our reproduction of a 1930's stair carpet runs between the bathroom and bedroom at West Dean.


West Dean staircase carpet with a special border design taken from an old rug designed by Voysey which was discovered in the attic by David Mlnaric and adapted by Rob Holmes.


Simple green stripe border design in a modern apartment in London


This stunning spiral staircase carpet graces a back of the house staircase in a mansion in the Channel Islands.




 An ornate stair carpet, by Craigie Stockwell, in a private mansion


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