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Classic Artwork



 Park Street

 Savoia 5

 Trellis Rose



 Marie Antoinette



 Hill Place 3




 Hill Place 4


 Bishop's Avenue

 SS 5















 Castle Hill




Viennese Waltz




Design SS3 Spanish Savonnerie

Design SS5 Spanish Savonnerie


Design WRD 1 Saloon on Superyacht










Design SS2 Spanish Savonnerie



 We originally traced off the original carpet in this design, which was an antique Spanish 'Savonnerie' style rug.

The design lends itself to a substantial amount of variations, such as the one above. 

We created this design for the foyer of an exclusive hotel in Vienna. 

 This design was based on an early English 'Axminster' hand-knotted carpet

This beautiful design was created for a mansion in Switzerland 

 There is a monkey hidden in this complex design

This design borrows from some classic 'Savonnerie' motifs.

We have over one thousand traditional designs in our archives and substantially more in our reference libraries.

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