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A Touch of Silk

As ultimate statements of luxury in floor coverings go, you can’t really get better than Silk. Its soft deep feel is second to none and its durability will mean it lasts for years.

Silk is produced as the cocoon covering of the silkworm, the pupal form of the Asian or mulberry silk moth. The cocoon is spun by the silk moth caterpillar as a single silk fibre. After harvesting, the cocoons are laboriously unwound into single fibres which are plied together and spun into thread or silk yarn. . The shimmering appearance of silk is due to the triangular prism-like structure of the silk fibre, which allows silk cloth to refract incoming light at different angles, thus producing different colours.

All our silk carpets are made from high quality carpet yarns.

SILK and SPUN SILK are both Mulberry Silk but made with different processes.

All our silks are made and come from the same Mulberry tree cocoons.

The first top grade of fibre out of cocoon would be made into our pure silk quality.  This is a long fibre without any fluffy issue and gives a very good shiny effect.

The second fibres after pure silk has been extracted are then mixed together and made into SPUN SILK.

SPUN SILK has a shorter-staple with a less shiny effect.

DULL SILK is the fourth extraction silk. It is cheaper and has a much less shiny effect.

DELICATE SILK has a shorter-staple with a shiny effect. It is the third extraction.

There is also a WILD SILK available where the silk worms are fed on other types of leaves, such as oak and has a natural amber colour, so the yarn has to be bleached before being dyed.

Craigie Stockwell's "Touch Of Silk" range has been created by Craigie Stockwell's in-house design team in luxurious woollen pile with silk highlights and cut and loop textures.  Here are a few examples:



Please visit our website to see over 500 images. You will find a collection of Traditional, Floral, Modern and Middle Eastern designs, Savonnerie style carpets, circular and shaped designs, beautiful borders and scrolls.

Craigie Stockwell supply the very best luxurious hand made carpets and machine made carpets: working with finest silk, wool, worsted wool, cotton and bamboo yarns: be they luxurious plain carpets or the most complex you can imagine.

We draw our designs full size, as the master weavers did in the old savonnerie factory when they made the fabulous carpets for the royal courts at Versailles and at the Louvre in Paris. Each design is conceived and realised with the utmost care and consideration. Please follow the link below:

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